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Past Evictions, Bankruptcy or Low Credit Score?? We Can Help Today!!

Guaranteed Apartment Approval is a Nationwide Service that will assist anyone with challenged credit who has faced Rental Challenges. Guaranteed Apartment Approval understands that your negative past rental history have a significant impact on your credit score, thus will make it very difficult if not impossible to obtain Credit Approval for most rental properties. As a result, many of our clients came to us after spending a large portion of their savings submitting credit applications to several apartment communities and landlords only to be denied time & time again.

Never be denied again with Guaranteed Apartment Approval's No Credit Check Leasing Program!!!

Why Guaranteed Apartment Approval?

  1. Our name says it all, we’ll place you in the apartment that you choose & love, & it’s Guaranteed. It's that simple!! Now for the criteria; all applicants, Must Have Proof of Income from Employment or Self Employment and Pass a Criminal Background Check to Qualify for Services!!!

  2. With our Apartment Leasing Program and Relocation Services you can move to any apartment or single family home you desire that fits your budget. We work with property management companies, realtors and several apartment locators and referral services to ensure that we place you in the home that you seek. Whether it’s an apartment in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Charlotte, NC, or a townhouse in Las Vegas, NV.

  3. Preserve your credit with no credit check qualification. We process all Rental Credit applications on your behalf.

  4. No need to ask family & friends to Co-Sign ever again!! We process all Rental Credit applications on your behalf.

  5. Our Qualified Pre-Approved Companies have established successful rental partnerships with large and small apartment management REIT companies Nationwide! In result, have led to overall Customer Satisfaction! Low Credit Score due to Divorce, Bankruptcy, Broken Leases, Evictions, are all accepted by the house/apartment owners because we Credit Qualify for you.

Bad or No Credit?

Do you have bad credit due to a past eviction, foreclosure, months of unemployment or a broken lease? No problem, here at Guaranteed Apartment Approval, we believe the past is in the past. We focus on the present and believe you are entitled to the comfort to which you aspire. Let us assist you in your search for a new apartment in The Lakes neighborhood of Las Vegas or a luxury condo in Northwest Dallas. We offer nationwide coverage, call today Toll Free at (844) 882-8800!!

We care about you and your next home is just a click away!

Do you want to learn about our process and the steps to take to get approved for your new home? Tell us about your needs and let us get started.

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