Employee Relocation

Offer your Employees our Relocation Service!

Promote your company name and image by offering a corporate housing program as a voluntary benefit. We’ll assist HR Personnel with the relocation of their employees whether it’s a local or national move. We’ll handle all credit & rental paperwork on behalf of your employees. In result, making their move essentially stress and worry free. Guaranteed Apartment Approval partnered companies will take full responsibility of the property lease contract as a Corporate Lease.

Our team of dedicated Relocation Professionals will work directly with each applicant to credit qualify for a home of their choice. Easy credit approval for your employees!

Benefits of our Corporate Leasing Program

  1. No Cost to your company or department unless your company choose to pay for relocation services on their behalf. .

  2. Offered as a Voluntary Benefit or Fringe Benefit to meet your company employee relocation goals.

  3. Great Benefit to add to your company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  4. Our Program will Increase Employee Moral & Retention.

  5. Employees can enjoy a short / safe commute to work increasing their work / life balance.

  6. Employees don’t have to worry about receiving a Credit Denial for Housing due to stringent credit criteria.

  7. We will provide an unlimited amount of leased units under our Corporate Leasing Program.

  8. Allow your employees an overall job satisfaction experience.

Bad or No Credit?

Even if your employees have credit challenges that may prevent relocation to your company due to a past evictions, foreclosures, months of unemployment or multiple broken leases, don’t worry! Guaranteed Apartment Approval will assist your employees & Human Resources Personnel with their relocation efforts. We offer nationwide coverage to serve your entire staff. Please call today for more details on enrollment Toll Free for more details 1 (888) 240-8930!

Are you interested in learning more about our Exclusive Employee Corporate Housing Program? If so, call 1 (888) 240-8930

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