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Guaranteed Apartment Approval is the only name you need to know to get approved with the best Apartment or Single Family home with our Nationwide Service. We specialize in connecting you with the home of your choice, regardless of past credit challenges. We'll process and complete a credit application with your chosen management company. Our application process may take up to 5-7 business days to complete.

Guaranteed Apartment Approval Near Me

Guaranteed Apartment Approval will apply with large and small apartment management companies and single family rentals nationwide. For example, whether it’s in Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, or Georgia, doesn't matter your choice! Regardless of your bruised rental history, we have you covered! We work with ALL CREDIT ISSUES such as Foreclosures, Evictions, Broken Leases, Divorce, or Low Credit Scores.

Our Corporate Leasing Program will allow you to have a Second Chance to live where you want that meets your rental budget and criteria. You could now choose the best school district for your children or move closer to work. Our program is designed with you in mind to increase your work-life balance and overall satisfaction!


Guaranteed Apartment Approval cares about your needs. That is why our Leasing Program allow clients the FREEDOM to live where they want!


Preserve your credit with no credit check qualification. We process all Rental Credit applications on your behalf!


Low Credit Score due to Divorce, Bankruptcy, Broken Leases, Evictions, are all Accepted because we Credit Qualify for you!




Click Here to fill out an Online Pre-Qualification form. You will be contacted by one of our Placement Coordinators within 4 business hours after you’ve submitted your online pre-qualification form and paid your initial fee of $50 online.


Phone Consultation

After you’ve completed your initial phone consultation, we’ll email or text you an application link to start your file to get approved for a property of your choice.


Submit Application

Submit signed application via email along with applicable documents we request such as your Driver License or State ID, SS Card, & Proof of Income. Please Provide 3 Check Stubs or Bank Statement if Self Employed.


Get Approved & Move-in

We'll contact your three apartments or single family rental choices listed on your Application for approval. When our Corporate Application have been APPROVED, you’ll receive a Welcome Confirmation email to confirm your Move-In Date and duration of your Lease Agreement. All you need to do is provide Renter's Insurance and Proof of Utility Service in your name and arrive to pick up your keys to your new home!


Housing Relocation Company

John & Cathy

Guaranteed Apartment Approval helped us find the perfect apartment to begin our family. Their friendly knowledgeable staff outlined the different options, then helped us get approved for the apartment. The approval process was a breeze and it helped us begin our new life together! We highly recommend Guaranteed Apartment Approval to help you find the perfect apartment or home for your family!

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Derrick, Atlanta

I live in a peaceful community right outside Atlanta, GA thanks to Guaranteed Apartment Approval helping me move in this brand new community that was finished being built about a year ago. Guaranteed Apartment Approval credit qualified for me so I wouldn't have to. I am thankful for their services they provide because I didn’t have anyone to co-sign for me.

Employee Relocation Service

Tracey, Downtown Charlotte

Thanks to Guaranteed Apartment Approval I could now have a second chance to live where I want! I was able to secure an apartment Downtown Charlotte within walking distance from where I work, restaurants, and shopping! I’d like to just send a special thank you to the firm I work with for partnering with Guaranteed Apartment Approval and offering this service to Every employee as a voluntary benefit. In closing, I highly recommend Guaranteed Apartment Approval Corporate Leasing Program to any company looking for ways to Increase their Employee Overall Job Satisfaction. The best part is they’re Nationwide, so even if you have staff in Multiple States, they can assist!

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